Cathy Wasserman, LMSW
Cathy Wasserman, LMSW


Cathy Wasserman, LMSW, coaching and organization development. Offering services for staff development; team and culture building; mediation; executive, career and personal coaching; dealing with difficult people; IncYOUbator Idea lUnch Groups; and much more.

Let’s talk about how you can use all your “colors” — your strengths and even your vulnerabilities — for maximum impact.

Would you like to:

Turbo-charge your dreams with coaching that unlocks the full spectrum of “colors” in your palette, amplifying your talents while transforming blocks into forward motion?

Inspire your team and help them feel appreciated, listened to and motivated?

Explore ways to resolve staff conflict while strengthening teamwork?

Get your black belt in leadership, taking charge of your life and career?

Stop selling yourself and start sharing your authentic talents?

Learn how to work with difficult people, enriching your organizational culture or personal life in the process?

Live and work in an interdependent world with true equality and opportunity for all, where we all have important roles to play and are recognized and valued for our contributions?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with movers-and-shakers like you to reimagine the possibilities for achieving all of the above and more. My clients include CEOs, managers, organizers, thought leaders, artists, social entrepreneurs, non-profits, foundations, startups, corporations and many others seeking to contribute in meaningful ways. Calling on my background as a leadership coach and facilitator, organization development specialist and social worker, I provide a range of services including executive, career and personal coaching, IncYOUbator idea launch groups, staff development, team & culture building and mediation. All of my services include the possibility of an added layer of support around the challenges of our turbulent times, which I call cultural therapy.

Speaking of turbulence, you’ve probably noticed that our world is upside down now. Our social, economic, environmental and political systems are coming apart. Our role models are letting us down. Accelerating technological change is expanding and compromising human connection. This cultural climate can leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsure about the future, and even angry. Yet your contributions are needed more than ever! Indeed, in the midst of all the chaos and change there are many signs of hope and opportunities, from activism including the MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter to a broad range of organizations doing game-changing work. In order to seize these opportunities, you need to be rooted in yourself, tap into your power and empathically and strategically connect with others — all integral parts of my Self-Leadership process.

My Core Approach: The Self-Leadership Process
The Self-Leadership process is a catalyzing methodology that unleashes your talents, ideas and vision to make the mark you’re meant to. It increases your self-awareness, strengthens your dexterity in handling adversity, hones your communication prowess and supports you in realizing your goals, big and small. At the core of the process is an intentional, systematic approach to integrating your strengths and vulnerabilities — using all your “colors” — to realize more of your potential. Within your challenges lies crucial data on what you need most to grow. I encourage you to build the muscle of deeply listening to yourself and assist you in claiming the wisdom you already possess. The Self-Leadership process is holistic, encompassing the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual, tailored to your preferences and needs. You can find additional information on using all your “colors” and other topics related to human potential on my Reimagine That! blog. Learn more about my core approach.

Making a Powerful Investment in Yourself or Your Team
Investing for the long haul in coaching and organizational development is a powerful way of demonstrating to yourself or your team that you’re committed to accessing the resources needed for success. Studies show that long-term coaching significantly boosts self-awareness and self-confidence while improving relationships, communication skills and work-life balance. Individuals and teams with greater self-awareness perform at significantly higher levels. They build stronger relationships, make better decisions, communicate more effectively and feel better about themselves and their work. Moreover, organizations that invest in developing their staff over time are more likely to achieve their goals.

I offer practical alternatives for leading yourself or your team toward deeper self-connection, creativity and empowering interdependence. My work helps you to slow down and make time and space to advance your personal goals and career while building a better world.

I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your needs and goals!

I’d love to hear from you!

I offer an in-depth, proprietary assessment at no cost or obligation. The assessment is a valuable resource that is yours to keep. This tool will help you to clarify exactly what you’re looking to accomplish, as well as get additional insight into your or your team’s strengths, areas for improvement, learning style and more. It also will provide us with an initial roadmap to move forward. Let's talk about how you and your team can use all your "colors!"
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“Cathy Wasserman has single-handedly turned me into a rabid evangelist for the power of coaching. I started my position as a first-time executive director of a small organization and was convinced that I’d been handed an impossible job. A mutual friend pointed me toward Cathy and I could feel the shift right away. My sessions are a perfect mix of reflection and strategizing guided by her bottomless bag of exercises and her patient, probing questions. I leave each week both clearer about my priorities and more grounded in the personal contributions that I can and should be making in my organization. Before starting with Cathy I thought of coaching as personal development, but I can honestly say after a year of working with her that the hour I spend with her is the single most important investment that I make in my organization each week.”

—Trish Tchume, Leadership Program Director at Center for Community Change