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Clients & Testimonials


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Client Testimonials 

“As an executive in national non-profits, I have hired Cathy to work with my teams at numerous organizations and to serve as a coach to many members of my team. In addition, Cathy has coached me at a variety of junctures in my career. Cathy brings an incredibly unique approach to her work, combining a deep, deep emotional intelligence and keen intellect with a broad understanding and powerful insights from adult learning, human psychology and organizational development. Given this knowledge, she is able to draw from a team or an individual, their most authentic leadership selves and channel their skills, knowledge and experiences to get the best results for the organization and the individual. She does it all with a powerful energy, wicked humor and tremendous empathy and care. What a gift!”

—Kate Mehr, Founder/Principal, KJM

“Since working with Cathy as my career coach, my outlook and actions have transformed completely. I see opportunity and connections where I did not before, and I am exponentially more confident about myself and what I can contribute through my professional life. I could not recommend someone more highly.”

—Christine Petro, Director of Education Programs at Gowanus Canal Conservancy

“I can confidently say that joining Cathy’s group was a gift. Her generosity of heart, wisdom of character and openness of spirit supported my creative goals... we all need allies in our journey and Cathy cultivates a community of support for which I’m eternally thankful.”

—Agunda Okeyo, Writer, Producer, and Activist

“Cathy is a true connector, and brings the best out in people, no matter the size of the group. She’s a strong listener and, as a result, knows when to lean back, when to ask the right question, when to lean forward and dig a little deeper, and when to let the group or individual arrive at their own truth. She’s truly gifted and has a warm sense of humor, keen intellect, and engaging personality.”

—Allegra Chapman, Lawyer and Director of Voting and Elections at Common Cause

“Cathy worked with me when I needed to make some staff changes at WIBO. She was invaluable. She coached me on human resources issues and helped me to organize the internal infrastructure. My confidence and expertise increased as a result of her service. Cathy knows her stuff and will work you through any difficulties. She is patient, organized and empowering.”

—Amini Kajunju, Executive Director, IUGB Foundation, Inc

“I didn’t realize at first that it was OK or how it would help to include my feelings about social issues that were distracting and upsetting me, but Cathy welcomed this into our sessions. As a result, I felt much less isolated and saw how my relationship to the culture played out in other areas of my life. My progress with Cathy jumped to the next level when I was able to more holistically access what she offers.”

—Anonymous client

“Cathy helped me through a difficult time in my life. She was very creative in her methods and always looked for ways to make the process very personal. I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of a life coach or career coach. I plan on keeping in touch with her and using her services in the future.”

—Jennifer Insignares, Turn Your Vision into Reality at Designs by Jen

“Thank you for always guiding me to my north star, you have been both my GPS system and my emergency vehicle support. More importantly, I have realized over the years the great benefits of working with someone who is constantly on the edge of their own learning. In other words, I don't need to check to make sure the GPS is the most up to date, that comes without saying. I have been around the block working with you and others in various types of professional development for several years now, and I think this is one of your most outstanding qualities and contributions – though of course there are many. I like being able to dig deep, just show up and be myself and get tools, ideas and new routes to continue on my path.”

—Nina Chanpreet Kaur, Entrepreneur, Educator & Writer

“I felt a 100% improvement in my career management abilities and confidence. I would definitely hire her again.”

—Pete Nuwayser, Cloud Architect at Deloitte

“Cathy was very helpful in getting me to think about how to effectively self-manage and provided me with tools to realize my potential and each of my goals.”

—Jude Paul Dizon, Doctoral Student, USC Rossier School of Education

“I feel lucky to call Cathy a friend and colleague. She is on the high-end of sincerity, clarity and skill in her work. Running groups takes a rare kind of cultivated expertise; she has this skill-set. I highly recommend working with her toward your spiritual, emotional and practical goals.”

—Jason DeFilippis, Certified Advanced Rolfer

“Cathy Wasserman has single-handedly turned me into a rabid evangelist for the power of coaching. I started my position as a first-time executive director of a small organization and was convinced that I’d been handed an impossible job. A mutual friend pointed me toward Cathy and I could feel the shift right away. My sessions are a perfect mix of reflection and strategizing guided by her bottomless bag of exercises and her patient, probing questions. I leave each week both clearer about my priorities and more grounded in the personal contributions that I can and should be making in my organization. Before starting with Cathy, I thought of coaching as personal development, but I can honestly say after a year of working with her that the hour I spend with her is the single most important investment that I make in my organization each week.

To date, I’ve referred 3 friends to work with Cathy – all with very different personalities, concerns, and at very different points in their careers. Each of them has emerged from their time with her infinitely clearer about their personal/professional trajectory…and a huge, huge fan of Cathy. She is simply the best at what she does and those of us who have the privilege of working with her are, thankfully, better for it.”

—Trish Tchume, Leadership Program Director at Center for Community Change

“What has always impressed me about Cathy is her ability to offer concrete steps and actions to strengthen candidates alongside a more nuanced focus on motivation to seek a new professional challenge. In her writing, whether Ask Cathy or her contributions to the Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers, she transcends the typical nuts and bolts of career advising. Cathy can certainly help you find a job, but more importantly she listens and puts you on the path to locating fulfilling work. I regularly recommend her to friends and family who need guidance and support in changing or advancing their careers.”

—Russ Finkelstein, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Clearly Next

“With great insight and well-honed skills Cathy helped me see the best in myself, focus on what is most important to me, and communicate that meaningfully.”

—Nancy Hayden, Strategic foresight and policy analysis
for resilience in complex governance systems for humanity

“Cathy is the ‘go to’ person for career counseling (as well as coaching). I've referred many of my clients to her, and they all rave about her approach and service.”

—Janet Waterston, Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant

“I worked with Cathy Wasserman for ten weeks while I focused on defining my career ideals and setting goals. Immediately, I sensed from Cathy a deep respect for her clients’ wisdom about themselves. She approached every meeting as though I was the only person who knew what the right thing for me was, and she was there to help me figure it out. While she gave me permission to think about the really big picture of my career, she also engaged me in the day-to-day challenges and decisions I faced. One hour with Cathy might include problem solving about a difficult professional relationship in one moment, and then move on to what kind of difference I see myself making in the world in the next. She moved seamlessly from forest to trees and back again, teaching me to manage dreams and possibilities with each other instead of in opposition. After every meeting, I felt like there was a lot I could do to make my professional life more fulfilling. I ended our work with some very tangible results which serve me every day. I would recommend working with Cathy to anyone who seeks a space for personalized career development.”

—Marie Hoguet, Organization and Leadership Development Consultant

“Cathy is an excellent coach. Whether you need to position yourself for a promotion, do some inner work or find a new job, she will help isolate exactly what you need to do to direct yourself. Cathy serves a broad range of coaching needs; I have recommended her to people who need a coach for their spiritual growth, and people who simply need help with their resume. She has the unique ability to zero in on a person's issues and strengths, an asset that startles people with its accuracy and offers them the insight to move forward.”

—Blair Glaser, MA, LCAT, Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant, Executive Director Advocate

“Cathy is a great listener who provides innovative recommendations in both my personal and professional endeavors. She has a gift for using personalized metaphors that allow me to leverage my strengths and work on my shortcomings more effectively.”

—April Joy Damian, PhD, MSc, PMP, Director of Quality Innovation

“Cathy is one of the few individuals I've met in my professional career who offers a coaching/leadership style that is strategic, nurturing, and empowering.”

—Julia Rhee, Brand Strategist and Executive Stylist

“Cathy helped guide me through several internships and my first full-time position, and she has been a positive figure from whom I can regularly solicit advice.”

—TJ Helmstetter, Political Communications Strategist

“She was the first person I have worked with over the years to really 'get me' and it was very affirming! She is truly amazing and has a great gift to share with the world!”

—Elizabeth Joy Mueller, The Intuitive MBA: Coaching for High Achieving Women

“I went to Cathy at a crossroads. I felt stuck and uninspired by my career and that my personal life was unfulfilling. I couldn’t decide what to do next. With impressive quickness, Cathy got a strong sense of my skills, strengths and weaknesses, passions and gifts. She gave me ideas I never could have dreamed up on my own that were amazingly insightful and tailored to me. I felt a noticeable lift and change in my self-awareness. From there, she coached me through substantial changes in the way I approached work, relationships and even my inner life, while always being there with resources and encouragement. It was a truly transformative experience.”

—Anonymous client