Cathy Wasserman, LMSW
Cathy Wasserman, LMSW


Reimagine That! 

Welcome to Reimagine That! In each blog entry, I focus on reimagining a specific aspect of the individual and cultural psyche to help build a world where we all have the resources and support we need to live and work with dignity, true freedom, equality and creativity. I’ll offer my vision for lifting each other up and sharing our best while facing and transforming our vulnerabilities.

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“Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat”

Audra Lorde

Reimagine Busyness

Happy Holidays, friends! If you’re not too, ahem, busy, please check out my new blog post, "Reimagine Busyness." I detail what a Busyness Index is and how it radically impacts your life — for better or worse! 

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