Cathy Wasserman, LMSW
Cathy Wasserman, LMSW


Reimagine That! 

Welcome to Reimagine That! In each blog entry, I focus on reimagining a specific aspect of the individual and cultural psyche to help build a world where we all have the resources and support we need to live and work with dignity, true freedom, equality and creativity. I’ll offer my vision for lifting each other up and sharing our best while facing and transforming our vulnerabilities.

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“Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat”

Audra Lorde

Reimagine Busyness at Work

This past December, I began a blog series, Reimagine Success with a post called Reimagine Busyness, in which I discussed how to begin taking the reins of our often overly busy lives and imagined a more integrated world where we can meet the full range of our needs, slowing down while still maintaining ambition. In my latest post, Reimagine Busyness at Work, I discuss the importance of knowing what you need to work optimally in the midst of constant distractions, disruptive technology and extremely heavy workloads.

Avoiding the “busy trap” entails getting to know what I call your Optimal Work Needs (OWN) — the set of particulars that define how you work most effectively and allow you to be intentional with how you spend your time and energy. Fully tapping into your potential means not seeing your OWN as a luxury, but rather a critical component of how you lead yourself and others to contribute what you're meant to. Key questions I explore in the blog include:

  • What are your optimal work hours?

  • How much rest is ideal for you to recharge yourself for maximum energy at work?

  • How can you create time and space for uninterrupted work?

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Cathy Wasserman
Reimagine Busyness

Happy Holidays, friends! If you’re not too, ahem, busy, please check out my new blog post, "Reimagine Busyness." I detail what a Busyness Index is and how it radically impacts your life — for better or worse! 

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Cathy Wasserman